What's Included?

Complete guide on how to get started in sublimation!

  • Video Content

    Over 20 videos are ready to watch right now. We add NEW content WEEKLY as new ideas/products are released! You never lose access to old content or future video content. This Course is LIFETIME ACCESS to the course itself!

  • Printable Content

    A completely printable PDF guide to everything you need to know to get started with the "basics" of sublimation. Including where to buy equipment, graphics, blanks and more!

  • Access to FREE graphics

    Our course comes with 100 printable tshirt designs and over 50 design elements to help you create your own designs/logos and more. We even include videos on how to use the elements included. RIGHT NOW GET 100 BONUS READY TO PRINT DESIGNS FOR 200 TOTAL!

Anyone that joins gets access to 100's of designs...

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Learn how to make sublimation shirts and other products!

This course isn't just for shirts, you will learn how to make mugs, tumblers, earrings, coasters, ornaments, towels, and sooo much more!

  • Easy layout for the course "only learn what you want to learn"

  • As new products come out we show you how to use the new blanks and where to buy them

  • We even show you how resize and print from editing programs so your prints fit your products! We even take suggestions on videos to make for each week!

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Learn Bleaching Techniques

Bleaching is the newest "BIG" thing and this course includes how to get started on Bleaching!

  • Learn how to sub first and bleach 2nd

  • Learn how to bleach first and sub second (each method has a purpose)

  • Learn how to use brushes, scrunching and other methods of how to achieve different bleaching effects

What else do we offer?

  • Full Support

    Gain access to our Facebook group of over 7k members where you can post questions, get help and even help others!

  • We teach you the basics of starting your business

    We tell you the best place to start marketing yourself to get yourself out there and started ASAP!

  • Basic Design Skills

    This isn't a design course but we do teach you how to do the basics so you can use the included elements/graphics with even a basic program.

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Get how-to-videos, printed how-to-content, 100's of tshirt designs, over 50 design elements and LIFETIME access to all NEW video content as we add it!

We talk about how and where to market yourself to make $

Learn how we made 6 figures our first full year doing sublimation on just 1 platform alone! If we can do it, you can also!

  • Learning the "business" aspects are just as important as learning the craft of "how-to" make things

  • Learn how to market yourself to customers that will WANT your product!

  • Learn if sublimation is the right choice for you and your business!

Also included Design Elements!!

Over 50 designs elements included with your course!

A peek at some of the elements included with the course, use them to make designs, products or logos! We even have videos to show you how to use them in an editing program.